5 Awesome Creatures I Wished Still Existed

Bored of looking at cute kitten pics on Instagram? Sick of the plaid and extant selection of animals we have to make do with on this planet?

Good, so am I. Let’s delve into 5 Awesome Creatures I Wish Still Existed.

1. Hesperonychus

Granted, it may look a lot like a Firey from Jim Henson’s Labyrinth, but if anything that makes it 22 times better. The hesperonychus was less than 2 kilograms – around the size of a kitten. However, it was a bit of a dickhead and would prey on creatures such as No.2, the Alphadon.

2. Alphadon

This ridiculously adorable creature, known as the Alphadon lived alongside dinosaurs such as the Tyrannosaurus and Triceratops. They resemble a modern day opossum, and although these little guys have been extinct for 66 million years now, I have no doubt they would make a popular pet. I’d call my Alfie.

3. Nothronychus

Nothronychus earns cuteness points for its genial, shaggy, Big Bird-like appearance. How they know it was shaggy I have no idea, but I can imagine bringing it to a party and it instantly gaining popularity as the cool, stoner who can fingerpick a few Jack Johnson tunes with those enormous claws.

4. Eurohippus

OMGx3. These little striped dumplings illustrated below are wandering around next to a horse because…well because they are horses. Prehistoric horses. I’m assuming mice rode them to the markets. But only on market day.

5. Longisquama

Last but not least, the Longisquama. Its dorsal plumes may look like a set of golf clubs but it was all part of creating an exciting presentation, unrivaled until the present-day bird-of-paradise.